How to shop this home’s contemporary Scandinavian interior style

The cover home of Your Home & Garden’s April issue was a cool and contemporary family home in Christchurch. Here’s how to shop their Scandinavian style

Shop the look: Scandinavian style

The van Kekems achieved a modern yet homely aesthetic by using a mix of raw materials – wood, concrete and metal – softened by plenty of textural soft furnishings.“I love using raw materials,” Justine says. “They create character and give your space interest.”

When Justine can’t find the furniture pieces she’s looking for, Dion custom-designs something to fit the brief. The family’s dining table, bench seat and wall-hung firewood stacker are all van Kekem one-offs. The resulting vibe is an industrial twist on contemporary Scandinavian style. “It’s so special to have pieces that nobody else has,” says Justine.

While Dion, a trained builder, wields the tools, most of the decor direction comes from Justine, a self-taught interior designer who has been working with clients for the past two years. “I am very passionate about interior design. I haven’t done any courses or specific training but it’s always been a huge passion of mine, and I guess it has slowly evolved into what it is today,” she says.

For her own home, Justine was adamant she wanted every space to have character and a bit of wow factor. “Even the toilet. It’s often a room that gets neglected but it’s actually a space that gets used a lot, especially by guests, so I didn’t want it to just have plain walls. That’s boring!” she laughs.

Justine adds interest to her rooms by layering plants, cushions and textured surfaces. Plants, especially, are an important ingredient. “They do require special attention and care, but I love how they soften spaces and bring nature in,” she says. “Over the years I’ve found the spots in the house where they get the perfect amount of sun. I have definitely killed a few in my trials!”

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Photography by: Kate Claridge.

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