These are the best kitchen appliances for anyone who loves to entertain

Take the stress out of hosting your next dinner party by utilising the best kitchen appliances to get the job done. With this pre-party prep guide, you’ll have all your culinary creations sorted well before your guests walk in the door

Entertaining at home should be fun for the host, not something that sends you into a spin. To avoid answering the door to a slew of eager guests with a forehead slick with sweat, preparation is key – and the first step in any cook’s repertoire should be having the right tools at hand. Having your friends and family think you’re the next Jamie or Nigella is always a great feeling, but remember you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen on complicated dishes to impress them. These simple, pre-party steps will ensure you’re able to sit down and enjoy the festivities without being literally tied to your apron strings.

Plan your menu

Your first port of call is to think about each dish, and how to create the maximum impact for the minimum amount of effort. You don’t want to be so exhausted by 7pm that you’re falling asleep in your spaghetti! Plan meals that you’ve already cooked before and consider dishes that can be made in advance and reheated – or at least ones that require just a touch of kitchen time to finesse at the end.

Stock up and clear out

Clearing your fridge of anything unnecessary the day before, then stocking it up with all your ingredients, will help you feel more organised come prep time. The Fisher & Paykel 614 Litre French Door Fridge Freezer provides you with plenty of space to store fresh produce in the humidity-controlled crisper bin, as well as wide shelving to keep your entrée platters chilled and crudités full of crunch.

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Pre-prepare what you can

If you’ve got meats that require marinating, veggies that need roasting and dessert that relies on a setting time, get it all done in the morning. Having an oven that can handle cooking for a crowd will save you a lot of juggling, which is where the Smeg Thermoseal Classic Oven really comes to the party. The 79-litre cooking capacity makes cooking large dishes a breeze, and the nine cooking functions cater to all your culinary needs. Simply set the end-of-cook alarm to keep you on track with your timing and let this state-of-the-art oven do the rest.

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Get your glassware sparkling

Nothing says “welcome!” quite like a delicious drink on arrival, so whether you’re making spiced virgin margaritas in your Breville Super Q Blender or simply pouring an ice-cold sparkling flute of fizz, you want your glassware to be ready to go. The same goes for the appliances that will help you whip up your restaurant-quality tipples. There’s no better way to round out the evening than with affogato, made with the help of a true Italian-style machine like the Delonghi La Specialista.

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Tool time

When you’re entertaining at home, having the right tools in the kitchen helps ensure everything comes together without a hitch. These appliances, available now at Noel Leeming, will have you cooking, marinating, blending and caffeinating like a pro – no blood, sweat or tears required.

Noel Leeming’s Customer Experience Manager Jackie’s Tips for smart living

  • Talk to an expert. They can help you choose the right appliances to fit your home and entertaining needs.
  • Think about what you use your appliances for. Do you make most of your meals in the oven or do you prefer to use your cooktop? Is storing fresh produce a priority or are you more about freezer capacity for maximising leftovers? These are all things to consider when making a significant purchase.
  • Make practicality a key consideration. Will appliances such as your blender and coffee machine stay on the bench or be put away after each use? This will help you determine both the size and aesthetic you go for.
  • Measure your spaces. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it pays to triple-check the dimensions of your kitchen areas to ensure your new appliances will fit like a glove. If you’re moving things around, check you have the right power outlets in place or consult an electrician to ensure they can be installed.

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