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This tiny home on wheels was a DIY dream for this Auckland couple

With a dream of building their own home, this Auckland couple were inspired by the ‘tiny house movement’ and began a DIY journey to build a mobile cottage

This tiny home on wheels was a DIY dream for this Auckland couple

You know what I think about people with tiny houses? Tiny houses = big brains (it’s not a saying yet, but it should be). Owners of tiny homes are canny enough to know that small abodes mean less square footage to tidy, less space for clutter, and far less debt. For Jasmine Burt and Erin Allison-Maxwell, building a tiny house has left them with a manageable financial burden and more freedom to continue travelling the world. How’s that for smart thinking?

How it all started

The couple’s gorgeous cottage, which measures 7.2 metres by 2.4 metres, was devised while they were living overseas. Like many Kiwis on their OE, Erin and Jasmine had started thinking about their future back home and checking out houses online to see what they could buy with their savings. It didn’t make for pretty viewing. The couple had heard of the ‘tiny house’ movement and, after doing some research, found its philosophy spoke to them. Erin had always dreamed of one day building his own home and “something of this scale made it achievable”.

In 2015, they got to work, sketching out a plan and using a free tool on the internet to make models of how their tiny home might look. Before they even picked up a hammer they got an architect to check the few details they weren’t sure about, to ensure their design was viable.

Words by: Debbie Harrison. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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