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Life on the road led this couple to build the perfect tiny home

In an effort to have a space of their own without the need for a massive mortgage or many possessions Shaun and Petra Pearce decided to build a tiny home – and it fits them perfectly

An obsession with tiny homes, a passion for Pinterest and despair at the cost of homes in Auckland led to the creation of a nifty tiny home nicknamed ‘Pip’ (perfect in proportion).

Dynamic couple Shaun and Petra Pearce are used to living a life of adventure – their blog, The Global Couple, shows photo after photo of their travels around the world, including a trip exploring New Zealand in a converted Hiace van. This wanderlust approach to life meant they were quite accustomed to doing without.

“You get used to a small space and realise what you really don’t need,” says Shaun. “We’re the kind of couple who downsize every few years – for us, it seems quite refreshing.” Their natural inclination to travel light set them in good stead for their most recent adventure: building and living in an 8.6-square-metre home  – about the same size as a modern bathroom.

After walking away empty-handed from too many house auctions, the couple started to think seriously about a tiny home – a concept Shaun had been “obsessed with” for years. The idea had many merits: it was an achievable project for builder Shaun, it would give the couple their own space without a gigantic mortgage, and Shaun could instead invest their funds into growing his building company. Even more exciting was the opportunity for the couple to have a creative project to get stuck into.

“We tried to get into a house but couldn’t do it financially, so we thought we’d do something crazy and show people that it’s something to consider if you can’t afford to spend many hundreds of thousands,” says Shaun. “It was our chance to have a bigger life by living small.”

Words by: Debbie Harrison. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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