Why Kiwis are reconnecting with their kitchens

Article by Homes to Love

Whether it’s to cook for one or to entertain many, New Zealanders are rediscovering their passion for food and are reconnecting in the kitchen

Why Kiwis are reconnecting with their kitchens

The heart, the hub, the social space – the way we describe our kitchens these days highlight how central they are to our lives and the way we design our homes. A far cry from the utilitarian spaces that once lay hidden away, kitchens today are all about bringing people together to eat, meet and create.

We hear a lot about the latest design trends and cutting edge technology but the importance of this space essentially boils down to the age-old ritual of breaking bread. Sharing a meal has always been a special way to connect with one another and pioneering companies like NEFF have been built on this principle. With endless inspiration online and thanks to celebrity chefs and food boxes, New Zealanders are rediscovering their passion for eating and cooking well.


There’s a resurgence of people testing ingredients, trying out techniques and growing their confidence in their everyday cooking. This enthusiasm for new ideas and recipes is what inspires NEFF to bring people together in the kitchen. The process of cooking is now an event in itself and you could even argue it’s become just as important as sharing a meal.

Creating a space that you want to spend time in is important when you’re passionate about food. A thoughtfully designed kitchen opens up endless possibilities for you to cook and create. The key is to nail the tri-factor of layout, style and appliances. Designing a space to accommodate your cooking and social habits is the first step but the secret to a great kitchen starts and ends with appliances.


Being equipped with intuitive appliances is your secret weapon in the kitchen. From slide and hide oven doors to ingenious meat probes and pure steam ovens, NEFF are renowned for placing the cook at the heart of their product design.

This ability to anticipate people’s needs in the kitchen has allowed NEFF remain at the forefront of innovation for 140 years. They know that no matter what your skill level is or whether you’re cooking for one or entertaining many, when you’re armed with intelligent appliances there are no limits to what you can create.


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