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This tiny Lyttelton newbuild displays an enviable green footprint

This modest, new-build family home not only perches lightly on the land as it leans out over Lyttelton Harbour, but leaves behind only a small eco footprint

Who lives here? 

Pippin Wright-Stow (architectural designer and owner of F3 Design), Erica Viedma (yoga teacher), Jordi, 10, Rafi, 7, and Ariana, 3.


The Wright-Stow-Viedma family’s new-build on the slopes of the port town of Lyttelton, close to Christchurch, hasn’t been plain sailing. From a problematic steep section to Mother Nature running interference with flooding and earthquakes, to the site’s location in a narrow cul de sac which meant that every time a truck visited (which was often) 15 neighbours found their access blocked. Oh, and did we mention that the brave duo at the helm of this build, Pippin and Erica, had a baby during this time, joining their other two littlies? Yep, very brave.

 Eco-friendly features

  • Natural untreated timber
  • Heat pump-driven underfloor heating
  • Secondhand or reused materials for fit-out and appliances
  • A bountiful vege garden
  • Timber panels made from second-grade timber re-purposed to make a first-grade product
  • LED lighting
  • Double glazing


Words by: Debbie Harrison. Photography by: Juliet Nicholas.

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