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This tiny cabin in the Coromandel is an incredible answer to a bach

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Measuring just 40-square-metres in size, this petite holiday home in the Coromandel packs a powerful design punch

This tiny cabin in the Coromandel is an incredible answer to a bach

Small home: Hut on Sleds, Coromandel Peninsula
Architect: Ken Crosson, Crosson Architects
Floor area: 40m2
Number of occupants: Five or more during holidays
Photography: Jackie Meiring

Yes, we hear you: it’s easier to make holiday homes small because they don’t have to accommodate the complexity of our regular working lives. But the Hut on Sleds by Ken Crosson (above) – a finalist in our Home of the Year 2012 – takes compact living to such an extreme it qualifies as a special case. It has two bedrooms and is only 40 square metres in size, yet it easily accommodates a family of five on holidays. “For the clients it was all about examining what was the real essence of a bach versus a beach house,” Crosson says. “They wanted something small and experimental. It’s tiny, so the challenge was making it as bachy as possible and not wasting any space in doing that.”

The beach house takes the form of a vertical stack, with a petite living, dining and kitchen area on the ground floor facing the beach, and a bathroom and bunkroom tucked in behind. Designed on sleds, it can be moved around onsite or elsewhere if necessary once it’s decoupled from power and water supplies. A ladder accesses the main bedroom, which occupies a mezzanine above the living room, then there’s another climb to the roof deck. An enormous double shutter locks up the hut when the owners aren’t there, and raises to form a northeast awning when they’re in. Every available space is given to storage – even the walls double as floor-to-ceiling shelves that Crosson hopes will accumulate the personal histories of the owners.

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