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Architect Julian Guthrie on the respectful renovation of his 1960s home

Article by Home Magazine

With a respectful renovation, architect Julian Guthrie maximises a modernist home that efficiently fits five bedrooms into its modest footprint

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Architect Julian Guthrie on the respectful renovation of his 1960s home

You bought the place at auction when no one else bid – what put everyone off?
It’s not your quintessential Remuera gingerbread house, but that was its most enticing aspect for us.

The house was largely untouched, but it had escaped a few mad schemes over the years?
A renowned 90s architect had proposed a master suite addition in the form of a glass boat, among several other schemes.

You’ve respected the bones, but you’ve also updated things in a few places. How do you strike that balance?
I think it’s important that the new work references the original so it feels cohesive but also contemporary.

The spaces are modest, but nicely proportioned. How does it work for a family of six?
The house has generous outdoor areas so it’s made for summer, but the layout also allows enough space to be together or retreat as desired.

Any further plans for the place?
It works so well post renovations that we are less inclined to make any major additions or alterations. However, the main bedroom with its 1960s wardrobe is underwhelming and is on my urgent hit list!


Words by: Simon Farrell-Green. Photography by: David Straight.

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