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A quirky Auckland home trades peach walls for a modern update

The discovery of a structural fault was a good excuse to tackle all the niggling problems with this Auckland house in one fell swoop. Story by Debbie Harrison

Who lives here? 

Jen Morrison (graphic designer), Ben Morrison (lawyer), Mia, 7, Franklin, 5, and Alistair, 4.

Where is it?

Meadowbank, Auckland.

The background

Jen, what did your home look like before?

It was a two-storey 1960s/1970s house – very dated, very peach, very quirky. The bones of it were good, with living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs, but a bookshelf in the middle of the living area really interrupted the flow. The entrance to the house was tiny (it was hard for us all to squeeze in to say goodbye to guests) and visitors were always confused as to whether to go upstairs or down, because it wasn’t clear. The floors were cork, the fire was a retro adobe one and the kitchen cupboards had engraved doors. Did I mention the green vinyl benchtop? The house was in serious need of some modernisation.

Text by: Debbie Harrison. Photography by: Jackie Meiring.

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