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How a Hahei beach house balances enviable views with private living

Article by Home Magazine

Architect Paul Clarke discusses the beautiful balance he’s created between public and private living in this Hahei beach house

Q&A with Paul Clarke of Studio2 Architects

It’s definitely not a bach, but how did you make it feel different to the city?
It was about detail and materiality and creating different spaces for different occasions and experiences.

The shutters are key to the design. Why were they so important?
They allow for the house to be manipulated for the weather, sun, privacy and the change of light into the interior spaces beyond.

How did you balance respite with being social?
Because the house has different spaces for different occasions, there’s always somewhere to retreat to or be social.

The family can be really social – have you experienced the house in full flight?
Yes and it works superbly.

Words by: Simon Farrell-Green. Photography by: Simon Devitt.

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