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This Epsom villa just needed finishing touches to make it home

An Auckland family added the finishing touches to their newly purchased Epsom home, with stunning results 

In a snapshot

Who lives here? Hayley Thompson (owner of Brightshine Blinds NZ), Richard Thompson (CEO of KPEX), Finn, and Isla, plus kittens Tiger and Bluey.
Where is it? Epsom, Auckland.
Lived here for? Eight months.

The project 

Hayley, why did you decide to purchase your home?

We loved that the house was completely finished and we didn’t have to do any major work – we just had to add the finishing touches. Both my husband and I had thought we wanted a project, but we decided that buying something already done would be a better option for us than managing another renovation with two small children and two time-consuming jobs – not to mention the thought of a budget blow-out!

What did you want to achieve out of your redecoration?

We wanted to add texture to the window coverings but still maintain the existing clean and minimalist look. Windows take up such a large portion of each of the rooms they’re in, so window treatments needed to be minimalist yet give some texture and meet all our needs on a functional level – that is,  privacy, light control and looking good.

Words by: Kristina Rapley. Photography by: Todd Eyre.

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