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An eco-ingenious new-build in seaside Paekakariki

An eco-ingenious new-build in the beachside community of Paekakariki is the perfect weekend retreat for a Wellington couple and their grown-up children

Who lives here? 

David Werry (GP), his wife, Philippa (writer), and their adult children, Lizzie (youth worker), Charlotte (fine arts graduate) and Katherine (law student).


fitted the bill perfectly

Q&A with homeowners David and Philippa

  • What is the one thing you would change about your home if you could? Philippa: Absolutely nothing so far! We love the way it is working and the warm and welcoming feel it has.
  • The most memorable experience you’ve had in your home? Philippa: The process of hand-sanding and etching the floors was definitely unforgettable. It took up a string of weekends and was at times messy as well as time-consuming – although we did get better at it as we went along. The finished result was definitely worth it. Another memorable occasion was having our Christmas lunch up there in the middle of the building process – we sat on a picnic blanket on the floor!
  • How much did you spend on your build? David: The total cost, excluding land, was $513,955.
  • How does it compare to the original forecast? Philippa: It measures up pretty well. Any areas that were over-budget were carefully explained to us and were areas where we could see the sense of spending more to get better value.
  • Best advice when it comes to spending money on a home? Philippa: Be clear in your own mind about what you want and think about what your priorities are. Put a lot of time into thinking about this before building starts.

You can view the full story here.


Words by: Catherine Steel. Photography by: Russell Kleyn.

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