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The striking container bach completed by a father-daughter duo

A patch of bare land with a spectacular view is now home to a striking container bach, thanks to a labour of love from a father and daughter

container bach

The striking container bach completed by a father-daughter duo

Best lesson learned? I learned lots of little things from this project – how to back a trailer, mow the lawns, how to seal nail holes before painting. I got quite good at painting and I learned how to hammer in nails to put the pallet bed together. I also learned how to use the drop saw to cut the timber planks to size so Dad could lay it more efficiently.

There was no hot water so we would boil water to wash up dishes or to have a ‘bird bath’ in the bathroom. It didn’t matter, though, because we were there to work on the place so it wasn’t about relaxing then. It was fun and makes you appreciate how far it’s come.

Any disasters? Having to move the power cables, and breaking one pane of glass.

Best memory in your container bach? Staying in the container for the first time with Dad once the toilet had been fitted. It was filled with tools and building materials. We were basically camping in there with only just enough room to make space for a bed each.


How much did you spend on the project? More than I feel comfortable stating. I will say that the most expensive aspect of it all was paying for the professionals. The cost of the architect, builder’s labour and materials, council, engineer, surveyor, power company and earthworks contractors was $70,000 alone.

Total spend on interior decoration? I’d say the majority of all the furniture, decor, furnishings and bedding is from Bed Bath & Beyond, where I work. (Got to love staff discount!) It was $4295 all up.

Where have you saved? Labour. Dad did so much work on it himself. I can’t thank him enough.

Any splurges? Vertical cedar cladding and engineered plank oak flooring.

Best buy? The secondhand, double-glazed windows and doors for $3680.


Words by: Annick Larkin. Photography by: Emma MacDonald.

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