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This classic Kiwi bach has been given a new lease on life

This classic Kiwi bach in Northland has been given a new lease on life, discover the renovation story and find out how you can shop the look

This classic Kiwi bach has been given a new lease on life

The property is leased and in a gated beach suburb. Did this mean there were design or consent restrictions? Only those imposed by us! We wanted to keep the footprint and bach feel, and spend as little as possible. Most people thought it should have been demolished – it was rat-infested and mock Tudor.

Least favourite part of the project? Removing (with the very brave Reef, then 8) a total of 87 rat carcasses from the house.

Best advice for renovating on a budget? Look beyond gib; there are cheaper wall linings that suit baches. We used 7mm hardboard and battened it, and it looks great.

Any cheap styling tricks? I always look for old white linen (sheets, curtains, tablecloths). Linen bleaches beautifully, won’t fade and looks fab as curtains.


How did your budget compare to your spend?
We always renovate on an absolute shoestring. We allowed for $45,000 and came in under $30,000, including furnishings (although that doesn’t include our labour, which would probably double that figure).

What did you save and splurge on?
We saved on the re-pile so the floors are charming and wonky. The new roof was a splurge.



Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.

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