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Every corner of this chic city apartment is a Pinterest moment

Apartment living has never looked so chic! Step inside this colourful city apartment and discover how this large family makes it work

Every corner of this colourful city apartment is a Pinterest moment

When renovating a 160-square-metre apartment for a family of six, Kristian Lillelund had to come up with a number of clever design and storage solutions. Luckily, he owns a company which specialises in interior design, kitchen fitouts and handmade furniture. Kristian and his partner, Mariah Malewicz, have four children, Ines, 14, Elliot, 10, Clara, 7, and Viola, 6. So it was important that they used of every inch of their home to maximise space.

Kristian’s built-in furnishings are customised for each room, including a built-in bookshelves and sofa in the living room, custom wardrobes and a lofted bed in one if the kids’ rooms. “I love things that are created especially for a place,” says Kristian. “I cannot go out and buy a new sofa – I would not know where to begin – because I can always envision something better that I can build myself.”

“We complement each other very well,” says Kristian. “Mariah has a good eye for decor and is especially good at all the little details that I often don’t have time to prioritise. The whole process has been characterised by this particular loving energy we have together.”

Words by: Christina B Kjeldsen and Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Christina Kayser O.

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