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It’s Christmas in the treetops for this Titirangi home

This Auckland creative normally adds her magic touch to make other people’s houses beautiful, but this Christmas she’s concentrating on her own home

It’s Christmas in the treetops for this Titirangi home

Most memorable experience? Tina: Having our house-warming in May. We had an ‘Aspen’ theme and invited everyone, not expecting everyone to turn up. But they did, and we had three levels of dancing and celebrating, complete with a snow machine and lots of people in ski outfits!

Experience you’d rather forget? The long wait between buying the house at auction in November and the moving-in date in early March. Lucky it was summer and we could escape to the bach!


Budget – $9000

How did your makeover budget forecast compare to your actual spend? We didn’t really budget, but just took each change or new item on its merits and in the context of the end result. We made to-do lists and worked through them. We knew the changes were not going to cost a huge amount overall so we just went for it!

What areas of your home did you save money on? And what did you splurge on? We saved on the painting as we did most of it ourselves. We splurged on new artwork with professional framing, the kitchen cupboards and our mid-century lounge chairs which we bought in an op shop in Mt Maunganui years ago and recently had re-covered in leather – they look amazing and are now true heirloom pieces.

Do you tend to buy high-end homeware or seek out a bargain? I usually try to get a bargain. Sometimes I just wait until something I love comes on sale, but often find that by the time I go to buy it, I don’t want it any more! So the things I take time to consider are really special. I am also lucky enough to work in an industry with so many creative and talented makers – so many items in our home have been made by friends and colleagues whom I have huge respect for.

Best advice when it comes to spending money on a home? Get in professionals when you need them. Don’t follow trends. If you love something, then buy it in its own right – don’t try to make something fit into an overall style or theme. An eclectic home is the best kind.

Words by: Catherine Steel. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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