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This home celebrates Christmas in decidedly chic French style

With the owners originating from France, Christmas in this home is full of linen and natural materials. Discover the secrets behind this chic-country style

Meet + greet

Who lives here? Virginie and Stephane Fontes, Lucas, 10, and Sacha, 2. They often return to France where Virginie collects decor pieces to sell.

All I want for Christmas… “I am dreaming of a paper sculpture by Australian artist Anna-Wili Highfield,” says Virginie.

Favourite space? “I love the courtyard with its eucalyptus tree and all the palm trees around it. It’s a lovely place all year round,” says Virginie.

Decor secrets

  1. Keep it natural. Opt for bedding and accessories in linen and natural materials in muted colours of browns and creams.
  2. Get industrious. Give yourself some light relief from the French country look by interspersing industrial chic in the form of lighting, shelving or cabinets.
  3. Groups are good. Get maximum impact by displaying your ornaments in groups of three or more.

Words by: Natalie Walton. Photography by: Chris Warnes/Warnes & Walton/Living Inside

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