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DIY decor and statement colours give this Christchurch villa a unique vibe

Opulent blues and greens, quirky art and ingeniously repurposed salvage fill this quake-damaged Christchurch home with warmth and joie de vivre

Meet and greet 

Kiri Penfold, interior stylist, Skot Penfold, senior project manager, Inovo Project Management, Tane, 20, Gabe, 18, and Milan, 14, plus German shepherd-ridgeback cross Theo.

DIY decor and statement colours give this Christchurch villa a unique vibe

When Kiri and Skot Penfold sold their family home to invest in a business venture, little did they know it would be more than 10 years before they would become homeowners again. When that time finally came, in 2016, the old Christchurch villa they bought was earthquake-damaged and far from perfect but a combination of hard graft and prudent purchases have turned the place into their own slice of Kiwi paradise.

“We purchased the home for $300,000 and had a budget of $60,000 to repair and redecorate,” says Kiri, a creative interior stylist. Given the size and vintage of the home (it was built around 1900), fixing it up was always going to be a challenge. When the cost of re-piling gobbled up more than half of the already squeezed budget, only the couple’s positive attitude and complete faith in their ability to make it work carried them through.

Kiri dismisses the praise for her clever home makeover. “Clever? Not really. I’m just thrifty. If there’s a way of doing it myself, I just do it.”

Kiri’s style top tips 

  • Don’t care about what anyone thinks. It’s your space and a reflection of your style and taste. Own it and make it yours.
  • Take time to achieve your vision and stick to it. Good interiors don’t happen in an instant.
  • Make a space for everything. Be creative – picnic hampers for toys can be stacked into great displays, filing cabinets make excellent laundry hampers and bedside cabinets, etc.
  • Change it up. Move furniture and other items around the house – it’s fun to relocate, replace or redesign pieces.
  • Budget constraints often force new creativity. Many of our favourite design solutions have been inspired by lack of money.
  • Have fun. Make coming home a pleasure. We love our space; it’s an extension of who we are. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Words by: Ady Shannon. Photography by: Kate Claridge.

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