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Blue in every room? This house shows us how it’s done

Blue isn’t a colour we normally associate with warmth and welcome, but this Swedish home is proof that having the blues can be blooming lovely

Blue in every room? This house shows us how it’s done

Meet and greet

Kristin Lagerqvist (interior designer, blogger and photographer), Jonas Lagerqvist (banker), Simon, Otto and Igor, plus Siv the cat.

Styling an eclectic home

  • Even if your furnishings are all in different styles, aim to keep a single thread running through your decor, such as a certain wall colour or flooring type.
  • Materials are another effective way to link diverse objects and spaces. For instance, the Lagerqvists have used lots of linen, wood, cane and velvet.
  • Artwork and plants also appear in every room. Even when everything is different, using the same ideas in each space gives a feeling of consistency.
  • Hardware should also be kept as similar as possible – repeating door handles, tapware and cupboard knobs is a good way to create cohesion.
  • Emphasise the eclecticism of your home by displaying objects on the floor and in cabinets for a slightly haphazard, museum-like quality.
  • Don’t be swayed – at the end of the day, your home will fit together because it’s all you! Avoid letting trends or quick buys creep in and ruin the effect.

Words by: Emma Persson Lagerberg and Sally Conor. Photography by: Andrea Papini.

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