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Art deco reigns supreme in this exceptional Palmerston North home

Bold colour, distinct spaces and a thrifty approach to decorating have set this exceptional 1920s Palmerston North art deco house firmly apart from the pack 

Who lives here? 

Julie Atwell Roberts, 43 (florist), Anthony Roberts, 46 (pharmacy owner), Jackson, 17, and Julie’s mother, Joan, plus Penny the Staffy, cats Timmy, Goose and Stella, and four chickens.

The homeowner’s style secrets

  • Be prepared to stick to your guns about the things, spaces or finishes you have your heart set on. You may, of course, have to come up with more budget or resources for those non-negotiables. If something’s super important to you, then it’s worth splurging on.
  • Economise, or think outside the square, to bring other areas under budget and make up for the splurges. This could be through having ‘big box’ store items crafted to fit, by not moving plumbing and utilities or by furnishing your rooms with collected pieces from vintage stores.
  • When you renovate a space keep in mind the overall feeling of your home and pay attention to getting the details right, such as door frames, architraves, skirting boards and ceiling heights. Do you want these to be consistent throughout or do you want to create distinct zones?

Words by: Sharon Stephenson. Photography by: Nicola Edmonds.

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