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Inside a remarkable home designed by celebrated architect Peter Bohlin

Article by Home Magazine

Designed by the architect who created the iconic glass Apple store in New York, this monolithic home provides the perfect backdrop for a very special art collection

John Pule

Q&A with Cathy Shyer

You’ve owned the house for 18 years, what has it revealed to you over that time?
The design is simple and that’s its brilliance. The light and openness is breathtaking.

Are there other designs by the architect Peter Bohlin that you admire?
The Fifth Avenue Apple store is iconic, of course. I have also been fortunate enough to see two other homes he designed, both of which highlight his talent for designing for a specific site.

What’s your favourite aspect of the house?
It would have to be the large windows in the main living areas that face the lake and greet you when you walk in. Being able to wake up with such an amazing view is wonderful. And having a double car garage attached directly to the house is a secret gift in this climate.

For house visitors not versed in New Zealand art, what are their reactions to the various pieces?
The security guard that stands at the front entrance blows visitors away. It has been somewhat off-putting for a few visitors coming to the front door for the first time, because of how life-like it is. The other piece that attracts attention is the Pule that hangs in the dining room. Visitors are drawn in by the incredible detail and storytelling of the painting.

You wake up to the Hotere piece. What draws you to it?
The colour scheme, the striking white-on-black canvas and, of course, the historic Aramoana smelter protest that inspired the painting.

Words by: Sam Eichblatt. Photography by: Emily Andrews.

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