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A bold Auckland home in a heritage zone is the Home of the Year 2019 fourth finalist

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Introducing the fourth finalist for Home of the Year 2019 – an unapologetically bold Auckland home that challenges what a family home should look like

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Project: Diagrid House
Practice: Jack McKinney Architects
Location: Grey Lynn, Auckland

After naming an inventive Wellington home as the third finalist in Home of the Year 2019, the judges are heading to the opposite end of the spectrum with their next announcement.

The fourth finalist in Home of the Year 2019 is a confidently contemporary house in Grey Lynn, Auckland, by Jack McKinney Architects. Judges Simon Farrell-Green, Lance and Nicola Herbst (winners in 2016 and 2018), and Paraguay’s Gloria Cabral visited the house during their judging journey of the shortlist and think this home might ruffle a few feathers.

Primitive but poetic, this raw, contemporary Auckland home is dominated by a 56-tonne diagrid concrete roof, though almost the whole house is made from rough off-form concrete shuttering. Living areas are raised up a level to provide privacy from the street, while the contrast between light and shadow is beautifully done.

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