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A 1940s Napier cottage filled with floral style

A 1940s Hawke’s Bay cottage was the perfect canvas to showcase its creative owner’s love of all things floral, vintage and artistic


Who lives here? 

Laura Jeffares (floral and hair artisan), Jason Williams (insurance manager), Lily, Lola, and Sailor, plus Coco Darling the Staffy-bulldog cross and Mr Bear and Tiger the cats.

A 1940s Napier cottage filled floral style

Stepping through the door of this humble Hawke’s Bay cottage is a little bit magical. You’re greeted by displays of artwork, curiosities and nature’s bounty and beauty: bowls of fresh fruit and veges picked from the garden, jars filled with greenery, and flowers – lots of them – arranged beautifully throughout the house.

It’s warm and welcoming and you get an immediate sense of the people living here. This is the home of Laura Jeffares, a floral artisan, freelance hairstylist and all-round creative force, who lives here with husband Jason and their three young children, Lily, Lola and Sailor. Situated in central Napier, the house was initially bought by Laura and Jason as a renovation project, with the aim of selling it fairly quickly and moving on. But they fell in love with the location, which is an easy walk to the kids’ schools, the town and the beach. Seven years on, they have well and truly put down roots.

Style tips 

  • Laura’s recipe for ‘floral success’ is to use five different textures. Much like interior design, you want to add different heights, form and texture to create interest.
  • Decorate your home with pieces that have meaning to you and a story behind them.
  • Surround yourself with things you love and that make you smile.

Words by: Vic Bibby. Photography by: Florence Charvin.

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