Kristina Rapley’s 6 top tips for renovating for resale

With a budget of just $30,000, DIY newbies Kristina and Ashton transformed a run down cottage with dramatic results. Here, she shares her top tips for renovating for resale

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Kristina Rapley’s 6 top tips for renovating for resale

Your Home and Garden editor Kristina Rapley and her partner Ashton Lines-Sherwood were renovation rookies when they took on the task of transforming a run-down 1950s cottage in the West Auckland suburb of Swanson.

The couple were keen to get on the property ladder but quickly came to the realisation that they couldn’t afford what they wanted.  They decided to find a house that needed some serious TLC in the hopes that when all was said and done, they would have enough in the kitty to afford a bigger, more long-term home.

The couple found a two-bedroom 1950s cottage beside a golf course in Swanson and they knew it was the one. Over two years and with a budget of $30,000, Kristina and Ashton worked tirelessly to turn the crumbling cottage into a dream home.

Watch to find out Kristina’s 6 top tips for renovating for resale.

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