Secondhand finds add rustic appeal to this seaside garden

A heritage garden is updated and enhanced with the addition of vintage and salvaged finds


Secondhand finds add rustic appeal to this seaside garden

This 1928 home boasts a fabulous view of water, trees, houses and boats and this seaside feel is reflected in its weathered, lived-in outdoor spaces.


The garden retains its heritage character with plants such as camellias, palms, ivy, lilly pillys and frangipanis still cultivated. For a modern update, agaves were planted to suit the original garden beds and layout.


The back deck was extended and covered over to make it more practical for family life. The outdoor furniture was mostly found and upcycled from inorganic collections.


Top tips

  • Furnish your garden with finds from Trade Me, op-shops and council inorganic collections.
  • Adapt wooden furniture that might only have been used indoors by oiling or painting it.
  • Be prepared to spend a little to bring old pieces up to date; for instance, by buying new cushions for chairs.

Words by: Sam Brennan. Photography by: James Henry.