Pros and cons of converting a shipping container into a home

If you’re thinking about converting a shipping container into a home there a few things you need to consider. We round up the pros, cons and cost


Pros and cons of converting a shipping container into a home

Another growing trend is the art of turning a shipping container into a home. Designs are becoming more complex, with multiple containers being combined to architectural effect. Some companies specialise in turning containers into homes, including Christchurch-based Containers & More.

Manager Mark Bohan says that tackling your own container build is a lot more work than you might expect, and recommends getting one made by people who specialise in the field instead. He also suggests “getting good advice before you spend any money”.


  • Structurally strong – containers have proved earthquake-safe in Christchurch
  • Foundation costs are lower
  • There are some great functional designs available
  • Can be transported to most sites easily.


  • Limited shape and material options but can play with multiple containers
  •  It’s not as simple as people think – a container still has to be turned into a fully-functioning house.


Consent can be tricky, but a company like Containers & More would manage this for you.


$100K-$200K for a stock design from Containers & More. Bespoke designs cost more.


Pictured container by Product X Architecture.