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9 multi-tasking shelving units and hampers

Clutter out of control? Get to know our top multi-tasking products, plus read up on helpful home-organising tips


Shelving units

Shelving units maximise vertical space, come in vertical and horizontal designs, and can sit against the wall or act as a freestanding room divider. Consider the space available, the size of the items to be stored and the style that would best suit your decor, then have fun artfully arranging your objects.


1. Orlando modular bookcase, $2240, from Republic Home. 2. Wharf bookcase, $1199, from Freedom. 3. Orange ladder unit, $274, from Me & My Trend. 4. Vigo shelves, wide $89.95, from Mocka.




Our favourite use for this everyday essential is as a general clutter clearer (at the end of the day, everything gets thrown in and delivered back to its rightful room). When it comes to washing, consider multiple hampers – one for each person’s room – to avoid clothes strewn on the floor, and separate ones for whites and colours is handy too.


1. Laundry tote bag, $16, from Kmart. 2. Uashmama laundry bags, $89, from Tea Pea. 3. Paterson fabric drawer, $9.95, from Freedom. 4. Laundry sorter, $29, from Kmart. 5. House Doctor laundry bag, $59, from SE3. 6. Laundry basket, $261, call Maytime for stockists. 7. Boarder hamper, $99, from Freedom.

Top tips

  • Be brutal. If you haven’t used something in a year, throw it out or donate it. The more often you cull, the easier you’ll find it. It’s more important to have meaningful items than lots of possessions.
  • Make your laundry multi-task. If it has a door to the outside, make your laundry double as a wetroom, with storage for wet gear and a benchseat for putting shoes on. Add space-saving extras such as a foldaway ironing board and a hanging drying rack.


Text by: Catherine Steel and Shelley Ferguson. Photography by: Brett Stevens/