Considerations and cost of converting a garage or warehouse to live in

Whether it’s a garage, garden shed or old warehouse, here’s what to consider if you’re converting an existing space to live in


Converted space

Garages or large sheds can be converted into small homes, or small self-contained units can be added to existing dwellings. Converting an existing space is a good option if you have a larger family or two families living on one property.

Auckland-based Loft Homes and Garages specialises in identifying and making better use of spaces people already own. They also design and build small homes from scratch. “Our homes are specifically designed for the site and the individual,” says director Ralph Hill. A lot of his clients want a space for their parents to live in, or vice versa. “It’s about multi-generational living,” says Ralph.


  • Makes use of existing space
  • A company like Loft Homes and Garages manages whole process, from design to consents to build
  • Minimal disruption to existing dwelling
  • Brings the extended family together.


  • You may have to get specific consents to have two dwellings on your site
  • You may not have much design freedom if you work with an existing dwelling.


Tricky sites, access ways, multiple dwellings on site.


Loft Homes and Garages’ projects usually cost between $120K and $400K.