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12 of the best ottomans

Put your feet up while you consider the many uses of this handy piece of furniture – the ottoman

Why the ottoman works well in the home

  • Ottomans have become larger over the years, making them a more versatile piece of furniture. If they have a sturdy top, they often act as a coffee table for displaying magazines or holding nibbles and drinks.
  • Ottomans work well in a master bedroom at the foot of the bed. They’re a useful perch when you’re putting your shoes on.
  • There is always a need for storage in a living room or family room so look out for an ottoman with a hinged top so you can stash blankets or kids’ toys and books inside.
  • If you are short of seating but don’t have room for an armchair, an ottoman is a great option, with styles and sizes to fit every space.

Photography by: Sharyn Cairns.