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Designer profile: Kym Church

This clever designer has nailed the art of simple statement pieces.


White & Grey Ply Shield painting made from blonde plywood and hung from white leather


What’s a graphic designer on maternity leave to do without her usual creative outlet to keep her mind busy? Make things for her home, of course! Designer Kym Church found herself with idle hands while on leave from her job in publishing in 2010. “I started making different things for my own home, great feedback from friends and family followed and I have just continued to develop my ideas over the years,” says Kym. These bright ideas developed into a business creating a range of art prints which blend photography and montage on crisp white backgrounds, and graphic paintings on plywood.


Boys Will Be Boys print.


Kym Church Design headquarters is at home in Auckland, where Kym steals time once her two children are in bed to create at her desktop, the kitchen bench, or the coffee table, “wherever there is some kid-free space”.


Kym’s tools of the trade


Drawing inspiration from magazines, fabric, art, nature and furniture, Kym strives to create products that haven’t been seen before. “I am big on being unique,” she says. Depending on what she’s working on, a print can feel right in no time, or the process can take longer. “Some I revisit for weeks, changing fonts or colour combinations. My flag paintings involve a lot of stages from design, cutting, sanding, painting, applying dots. It’s labour intensive but always exciting to remove the masking tape and reveal the final design.”


Blue Waves print


Words by: Johanna Thornton