Personalise your kitchen design with the ‘KXN’ modular system by IMO

Article by Home Magazine

Elegant, durable, with design flexibility regardless of your layout or budget, the ‘KXN’ modular kitchen by IMO creates solutions to support your lifestyle

Personalise your kitchen design with the ‘KXN’ modular system by IMO

‘KXN’ is a modular kitchen system designed to give you the freedom to personalise your kitchen layout, whatever the size or budget. The freestanding furniture elements provide a more subtle aesthetic than traditional built-in cabinetry. Elegant and unobtrusive, ‘KXN’ unites with its surroundings.


‘KXN’ accommodates both old and new bench tops, appliances, sinks and taps of your choice. There is also a faceplate for appliances that don’t fit seamlessly into the module.


Framework for change

‘KXN’ can easily be added to and retrofitted with accessories, drawers and cupboards, or reconfigured to meet new needs.


Details, details, details

IMO have a team of planners that work  to ensure that the kitchen is exactly what you want, right down to the precisely engineered details.


Water-loving and warp-free

The powder-coated metal frames and fronts are available in our select range of hard-wearing matte colours. Humidity, water and heat resistant and MDF-free – they won’t swell or warp.