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A beige kitchen gets a colourful paint job

Melanie Wilson transformed her home from beige to a colour splash with some clever geometric painted shapes


How an ex-state house in New Plymouth got a colour makeover

Melanie Wilson was tired of looking at beige interiors after a bout of house hunting, so when she purchased this ex-state house in New Plymouth, she set about enlivening it with colour. “I love colour – both bright and bold and softer tones.”

Melanie painted the geometric design above the kitchen splashback by randomly placing painter’s tape until she was happy with the design and filling in the sections with Resene ‘Sakura’, Resene ‘Moby’, Resene ‘Hampton’, Resene ‘Paris White’, Resene ‘Corn Field’, Resene ‘Westar’, Resene ‘Rice Cake’ and Resene ‘Norwester’. The splashback tiles are Resene ‘Cornfield’ and the rest of the kitchen is Resene ‘Half Rice Cake’.


Painting tips and tricks

If you’re finding it hard to narrow down your colour choices, colour blocking lets you combine your favourite colours in one space. Use the A4 swatches in the Resene ColorShop colour library to see how large swatches of colour will work together.

For a wide variety of colours in a small area, use Resene testpots. You can choose from a huge range of colours without being left with lots of extra paint.


Photography by: Jane Dove Juneau