6 exciting ways smart technology will make your life easier at home

Article by Home Magazine

The final part of Samsung’s series on technology in the home considers the future – it’s closer than you think

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6 exciting ways smart technology will make your life easier at home

Ok computer
The future of tech is looking tiny, thanks to ubiquitous computing, which could see computer chips embedded in everything from light bulbs to light switches; as a result, everything in your home will be connected to wifi, all the time.

Saving labour
Artificial intelligence is already with us – but it could soon be all-pervasive, as everything from ordering food to waking up in the morning is managed by apps and devices that will learn your routines and adapt accordingly.


Appliances do the thinking
Home appliances revolutionised labour in the 20th century: they’ll revolutionise time in the 21st. We have smart fridges already: the time when they can order more milk may be not far away, either – leaving you to think about much more important matters.

On the surface
Increasingly, screens will cease to exist, while surfaces – walls, ceilings table tops – are looking to become active. Instead of a ‘computer’ or a ‘tablet’, devices could be embedded into the very fabric of the home – or even clothes.


Sense of space
By 2030, you won’t think about whether you need to switch the lights on when you leave a room; it’ll just happen – while doors will unlock, alarms will de-activate and the radio will be on before you think twice.


The end of the private car
The prospect of self-driving – and electric – vehicles heralds a massive change in the way we drive. In short: you may not own a car; one will just turn up when you need it. Got a big garage? Start thinking about what else you can do with the space.

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