Organise your garage in a week

Clear the clutter at your place with these simple and practical daily tasks

organised tools, mounted peg board, garage inspiration

Day 1

Hire a skip if you need to, or at least have a trailer (if you know there are items destined for the tip), some good-sized boxes and rubbish bags. Take everything out that is restricting your car getting in there. Sort out the rubbish, recycling and items to donate (and in many cases, borrowed items to return!).

Day 2

Put items that you are keeping in suitably-sized clear storage so you can see inside. Label and date the boxes and stack them on suitable garage shelving or away in cupboards. If you don’t have shelving, buy a stand-alone or built-in system from your local hardware store, or build some yourself. Do whatever you can to get items off the floor.

Day 3

Ensure tools are all in good working order – make a pile of things that need sharpening or fixing. Corral nails and screws into labelled jars, containers or a toolbox. Put power tools together, and use pegboard mounted on the wall or a toolbox to house your hand tools.

Day 4

You’ve done it! Sit back, relax and take in your new, organised home. How good does it feel? Make a pact to make it last – think about everything that comes into your house from this day forward, and whether you actually need it. Keep on top of clutter daily and your home will have less mess, and less stress.

Extra: Odd jobs

  • Stock up on cleaning & laundry products
  • Check & tighten door knobs
  • Check & replace lightbulbs
  • Organise your linen cupboard
  • Assess your artwork – what needs repairing, framing, hanging or selling?
  • Pamper your plants – make sure they’re well potted and positioned

Compiled by: Shelley Ferguson. Photography by: Tony Amos & Maree Homer/

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