For now and forever solutions for an open-air bathroom

Your Home and Garden features editor, Fiona Ralph would love an open-air bathroom. We discover the get-it-now options and long-term solutions


For now and forever solutions for an open-air bathroom

“I love showering outside or bathing under the stars while on holiday. A rustic, open-air bathroom sheltered by palm fronds would bring a delicious dose of nature into my everyday life,” says Your Home and Garden features editor Fiona Ralph.

Fiona has enough space and privacy in her backyard to add an outdoor shower or bathroom, and longs for a natural look as found at glamping sites.

For now solution

Being creative is the key to doing this on the cheap. Find a vintage bathtub or similar from Trade Me or a demolition yard and pretty it up. Spray-paint a hose and build a housing for it out of driftwood, and lay some soft shells for drainage.

A quick and achievable option.

Bathroom will be exposed to the elements; water will be unheated.

+ Try to have your bathroom facing north, and make use of the sun where possible.

Time: A weekend DIY job.
Budget: Less than $100. Forage for what you need.

Forever solution

Bathrooms don’t have to be indoors – essentially, anything you have inside your home can be installed outside, including tiles and underfloor heating. Your budget will depend on how creative you want to get and what style you are going for.

A professionally plumbed and heated option.

Could be expensive; hardware will be exposed to the elements.

+ Ensure bathroom is north-facing and you have enough privacy.
+ Solar panels could be used to good effect.
+ Select materials that will wear well.

Time: Three weeks.
Budget: $2000-$15,000, depending on style.

Words by: Fiona Ralph.

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