For now and forever solutions for a mezzanine floor

Your Home and Garden art director, Shani Luckman’s dream is to have a mezzanine. We get the quick-fix and long-term solution worth saving for


For now and forever solutions for a mezzanine floor

Shani wants to maximise space in her house. She’d like to create the look of a high-pitched ceiling, under which she could add a mezzanine floor.

For now solution

If you have a high enough ceiling, a builder can install a basic loft floor with balustrade and access way. If your ceiling is too low for a loft, you could use panels to create the look of a pitched ceiling instead.

Quick, easy and relatively inexpensive.

– The space you’re creating would only be small.
– May not look as finished as an expensive build.

+ Be sure to have a safe and sturdy access point.
+ Loft will need at least 2.1m standing height.
+ Be careful with fall heights over 1m. Ensure loft is securely screened or a balustrade is installed.

Time: Two days.
Budget: $3000.

Forever solution

Mezzanine options range from fully enclosed floors with multiple rooms to open spaces with glass balustrades. If you have a flat ceiling, you will need a draughtsman and building consent before extending into the roof. If you have high ceilings, or at least a 30-degree roof pitch, the work will be relatively straightforward.

A functional extra room or set of rooms that would add style and value to the house.

Access can be difficult if not designed well; consent will be needed in most cases.

+ Ensure you have enough height from floor to ceiling.
+ Consider structural load points.
+ What is the intended use? Work to this use.

Time: Three to five weeks.
Budget: $20,000-$30,000.

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Maree Homer/

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