How to reorganise your garage and shed: Clutter-Free Feb Day 25

Our 28-day home-organising plan will deliver one quick and easy task each day during the month of February for you to tackle. Day by day, room by room, we’ll help you sort your spaces

Clutter-Free Feb – Day 25

Reorganise your garage/shed

Before you start reorganising your garage, take time to think about how you can create zones for items. Zones could include: sports gear (by type), car cleaning, gardening, tools, paint, pool items, travel items, spare household supplies. Think of it like a hardware store – categories are grouped together and easy to find. If you have existing shelving, great. If not, I highly recommend installing some to get items off the floor (you can purchase affordable shelves from Bunnings). Think practically, storing most-used items on easy-to-reach shelves, less-frequently used items up high, heavy things down low and kids’ stuff in an easy-to-access place.

Clear plastic boxes work really well in a garage as you can see items at a glance and they stack nicely. Even better, put a large easy-to-see label on the outside. Flexi bins work well for balls and sports gear. Use plastic boxes with lids for less-used items and open bins or crates for things you use more regularly. Use wall and roof space to hang ladders and bikes, pegboards for tools and create a foldable or mobile workbench if you or someone in your family likes to build and create stuff.

Top tips

  • Create zones, storing like items together.
  • Install shelving to get items off the floor.
  • Store items in a functional, practical way.
  • Use clear plastic boxes to store items.
  • Use boxes with lids for occasional items and open storage for frequently used items.
  • Refrain from dumping items in your garage.
  • Adopt the one-touch rule so that items go back where they belong.
  • Review and declutter seasonally.​

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