How to reorganise your living room: Clutter-Free Feb day 20

Our 28-day home-organising plan will deliver one quick and easy task each day during the month of February for you to tackle. Day by day, room by room, we’ll help you sort your spaces

Clutter-Free Feb – day 20

Reorganse living room

Now that you have decluttered your living area, it’s time to reorganise the items you have decided to keep. Have you thought about what is working in the space and what is not? Remember to keep what is working and change what is not. Creating practical homes for frequently used items will make it easier for everyone to put items away. This is also a fantastic time to review your furniture – have a bit of a reshuffle to create better functionality and flow if necessary. Call on family members to help you and involve them in the process.

Store items at their point of use, eg store DVDs and PlayStation equipment in the entertainment cabinet; books, photo albums and decorative objects on floating shelves or shelving units; games in a freestanding unit or in the entertainment unit if you have room; serveware and accessories (placemats, platters, coasters) in a unit close to the table; and if your kids like to do homework at the dining table, create a place nearby for those items too.

Create baskets for individual family members (name them if necessary) to encourage them to be responsible for their own stuff. Every item needs a home; just be careful not to overstuff storage areas as accessing items will then become tricky. Work with the natural flow of your family when placing or creating storage areas. Restyle shelves and other surfaces so the space reflects you and your family and feels warm and inviting.

Top tips

  •        Rearrange furniture to create better functionality and flow.
  •        Create practical homes for frequently used items.
  •        Store items at their point of use.
  •        Don’t overstuff storage.
  •        Create individual baskets for family members to encourage personal responsibility for their belongings.
  •        Restyle to create a space you love.

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