Clutter Free Feb

How to organise that junk drawer for Clutter-Free Feb

An organised junk drawer may sound like an oxymoron but it is possible! Follow these quick, practical tips from Natalie Jane of Be Organised to get that miscellaneous stuff stored

We all love a good junk drawer! But one that is organised of course. A junk drawer can become a dumping ground for all sorts of miscellaneous household items.

Grab a couple of banana boxes and a rubbish bag and find an area to sort your drawer. Take everything out and group similar items together. Use banana boxes to contain items you plan to recycle, relocate or donate. Get rid of items you don’t need, use or recognise, and anything that is broken. Don’t keep items ‘just in case’.

In order to create order in your drawer, use an expandable drawer organiser or a variety of different sized containers to store items. (Make sure you measure up the drawer before buying an organiser.) You can also use small boxes from around the home – iPhone boxes work a treat!

It’s important to choose the storage system that will suitably fit your items and ensure that every item has a designated home. You can also use non-slip material to stop containers from sliding around. Feel free to label boxes where necessary. The idea is that you will be able to see items easily when you open the drawer rather than rummaging through chaos.

Top tips

  • Divide and contain items you want to keep.
  • If an item has a home, put it where it belongs rather than shoving it into your junk drawer.
  • Create a new habit of keeping your junk drawer orderly by putting things back in the right place.
  • Review and declutter every two months.

Words by: Natalie Jane from Be Organised.

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