How to organise your home office: Clutter-Free Feb Day 21

Our 28-day home-organising plan will deliver one quick and easy task each day during the month of February for you to tackle. Day by day, room by room, we’ll help you sort your spaces

Clutter-Free Feb – Day 21

Home office

These days, most of us don’t use an office space even if we have one. We tend to work with our laptops on sofas, at kitchen islands or dining tables. Our kids often do their homework in these spaces too, so creating an office nook or designated space where everyday devices, stationery and the like are stored, close to their point of use, is a practical idea.

If you don’t have one already, you can create one using a cupboard, unit, cabinet or drawer(s) near where you and your family like to work. You may even have a spare corner which you can transform into a usable nook. Where possible, being able to shut the door on this space means that you can put things away without seeing cords, papers and other office items.

Once you have found your ideal spot, grab a banana box and gather all of the items around the house that you think you and your family will need, such as devices, paper, stationery and files. Every item needs containment – use boxes, baskets and wire trays, which also provide easy access. Having pencils, pens and stationery in vessels which are stored on a tray makes it easy to take these items out and put them away.

You may even want to invest in a mobile trolley for your stationery. Magazine boxes are really useful for storing items such as colouring books and school text books – you can also label these by each family member’s name if you wish. Style your space with a mix of decorative pieces and pretty office supplies to keep the ‘home’ in home office.

Top tips

  •        Find a practical space to create your office nook/workstation.
  •        Only store everyday items here.
  •        Every item needs a contained home.
  •        Review and declutter monthly.

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