How to declutter your wardrobe: Clutter-Free Feb day 10

Our 28-day home-organising plan will deliver one quick and easy task each day during the month of February for you to tackle. Day by day, room by room, we’ll help you sort your spaces

Clutter-Free Feb – Day 10

Decluttering your wardrobe

Well done for getting to day 10 of #clutterfreefeb! The time has come, says decluttering expert Natalie from BeOrganised, to address an area close to our hearts. How do you feel when you open (or step inside) your wardrobe? Do you feel in control or out of control? Are your drawers bursting at the seams? Are shoes heaped on the floor, or hangers weighed down with multiple items? A disorganised wardrobe causes stress and anxiety and can be very overwhelming, so let’s approach this step by step. We’re also going to do this job in two parts – today we’ll declutter your wardrobe and drawers, and tomorrow we will look at reorganising them.

  1. Get your banana boxes, rubbish bags and cleaning tools.
  2. Clear the floor then clear your bed so that you have somewhere to sort your stuff.
  3. Review clothing by category, eg T-shirts, dresses, jeans, accessories, shoes etc. Choose a category and gather up all those items, including any hiding in the laundry basket, washing machine or elsewhere. Then ask yourself: “Do I really need all these?” If you’re doubtful about something or haven’t worn it in a while, try it on (but, let’s be honest, if you didn’t wear it last season, you’re unlikely to wear it the next). Only keep items that you love, you wear, that fit you now, and that you feel great in.
  4. Sort other items into ‘relocate’ (move to other parts of your home) or ‘give away’ (if they’re in good usable condition) and place in banana boxes and rubbish bags. Put the ‘give aways’ aside. Relocate your ‘relocate’ items.
  5. Clean as you go.
  6. Things that have made the grade can go back in the wardrobe and drawers. Tomorrow, we’ll find practical and functional homes for them (exciting!).

Top tips

  • Declutter by category, then you can see how many of each item you have.
  • Only keep clothes that you love, wear, that fit you now, and that you feel great in.
  • Get rid of ‘I might wear/fit/need it one day’ items.
  • Be honest with your decisions: we wear just 20 percent of our wardrobe 80 percent of the time.
  • Donate items to a charity shop or take them to a recycle boutique to on-sell.
  • Declutter every season – make an appointment with yourself in your diary.

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