How to organise your ensuite: Clutter-Free Feb day 14

Our 28-day home-organising plan will deliver one quick and easy task each day during the month of February for you to tackle. Day by day, room by room, we’ll help you sort your spaces

Clutter-Free Feb – Day 14


Bathrooms can be black spots for clutter and badly utilised storage. Items tend to get shoved into drawers and forgotten, while others never get put away at all, and there is usually an overflow of product multiples. So let’s get started! Bring your banana boxes, rubbish bags and cleaning gear and clear a sorting area. Take a moment to assess the space and ask yourself: what is working and what is not working in the space?

Follow the same routine as for the main bathroom (day 13), working shelf by shelf. Once you have grouped your items, get rid of: multiples, nearly empty bottles (decanting where you can), expired items, things you’ll never use, old makeup, ancient ointment tubes, hoarded hotel toiletries, and anything broken, worn or rusty. Recycle where you can.

Now it’s time to reorganise the ‘keep’ items. Group them either by person or category, making sure like items are together. To stop the sprawl and keep things in their groupings, place everything in labelled containers: use crates, plastic baskets or anything you can repurpose around your home. Store in easy-to-access places, especially high-use items. If you are stuck for space, get creative and use the insides of cupboard doors, the sides of units and floating shelves. Pull-out drawers, stackable storage and crates are great under the basin. Keep surfaces clutter free to create a calmer space.

Top tips

  • Get rid of: multiples, expired, old, worn, broken items and items you’ll never use.
  • Divide items by person or type.
  • Contain items using functional storage and label.
  • Think outside the box to create extra storage if necessary.
  • Put away items after use.
  • Keep surfaces clutter free.
  • Beware of buying multiples – check supplies before shopping.
  • Review and declutter each season.

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