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This guide will help you choose the perfect fixtures for your bathroom

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Designing a bathroom is all about finding a balance between your dreams, your functional needs and your budget. Bathrooms need to work efficiently but ideally, they also need to give you a little bit of enjoyable me-time amid a busy day. Take time choosing your bathroom fixtures to make certain you get the right mix of practicality and luxury. We recommend using the 3D Design Planner at to create a three dimensional model of your bathroom space so you can arrange the fittings of your choice inside it.

1. Bath

Traditional inset baths are ideal for bath/shower combos and are great for families. Freestanding baths can create a sense of space in a small bathroom. Thoroughly measure up your space, including the door frames of your bathroom and home to ensure your bath will fit through the door. View the Mico Bathroom Book online to see the range.

2. Shower

For an uncomplicated, seamless bathroom look, it’s hard to beat an open shower. The key here is to layer the space by choosing a feature backdrop of glass, niches for storage instead of glass shelves, and a foot nook for easy shaving. For added luxury, a simple slide rail shower can be complemented by a rain shower emerging from the ceiling. As for tapware, a family bathroom shower should aim for water efficiency while also delivering a good shower experience within a short time. Understanding your water pressure and choosing the right mixer also helps make your shower more enjoyable to use every day. Come in and talk to one of the Mico team about your pressure requirements and find the perfect shower for you.

3. Basin and tapware

Consider a basin which echoes the look of your bath and toilet, tonally and texturally. While rustic stone options have become more widespread, metallic basins are emerging as a favourite. It’s worth spending a little more money on a tap you’ll love. A good tap should suit the style of your bathroom and feel good to touch and manoeuvre. Soft golds, brushed brass and gunmetal are trending for 2020.

4. Vanity

Vanities take time to be built so decide on yours early in the process, carefully considering the size, cabinet space and the number of basins you’ll need. Mico will help you with inspiration and tips. Floating vanities are popular and wood is becoming the material of choice, especially richer versions which add warmth and texture. Take a tile or paint swatch with you to the Mico showroom to help you choose.

5. Toilet

Rimless toilets are no longer a luxury; they are becoming standard as a more efficient, hygienic and easier-to-clean model. Toilets with lids that automatically open and which feature integrated lighting, heated seats, white noise, built-in deodorisers, multiple washing modes and self-cleaning functionality are also available.

6. Walls and floor

Floor-to-ceiling tiling is now common, with shapes moving away from the rectangular into hexagons, diamonds, Moroccan arabesque and fish scales. Different tactile materials are also in vogue, including darker marble and honed concrete. Just be aware that too much of one bold choice will overwhelm the space.

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