Handy habits to help keep every bedroom in your home clean

Check out these habits to help declutter the bedrooms in your home. Even the kids can get involved with these tidy tricks!


Handy habits to help keep every bedroom in your home clean

With Natalie Jane of Be Organised.

  • Create zones for your items and store like with like.
  • Use all the storage you have and get creative with it. Use the backs of doors and go vertical where possible if you don’t have enough floor space. Make use of under-bed storage if necessary, for linen, off-season clothes or sentimental items. Put items that you use often in accessible spaces. Things you use less often can go up high or in another room.
  • Don’t over-stuff your cupboards, drawers or wardrobes. Only keep items that you love and use.
  • Fold clothes lengthways in drawers. This will keep them tidy, organised and easy to find. It also keeps them wrinkle free and is a fantastic space saver.
  • Hang clothes in your wardrobe by sleeve length or colour, depending on your preference.
  • If you like to read in bed, create storage next to your bed for books so they don’t get dumped on the floor.
  • Use a laundry basket for dirty laundry to avoid a pile on the floor.
  • Make your bed every day when you get up. It makes your bedroom look tidy (even when it’s not) and there is nothing like the feeling of hopping into a beautifully made bed at the end of a long day.


Kids’ rooms

With parenting writer Kathy Fray,

  • Teach by example. Have a reasonably tidy lounge, dining room and kitchen – not spotless and not chaotic.
  • Teach order. Create your child’s bedroom space with the philosophy ‘A place for everything, so everything has its place’. Specific belongings need to belong somewhere specifically.
  • Teach valuing belongings. Avoid the ‘big container’ mentality of chucking everything into one large bin.
  • Teach the mantra “Don’t put down – put away”.
  • Teach independence. From a very young age, children are capable of tidying their room at the end of each day. It can be one of their chores that they receive pocket money for.

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Helen Bankers and Emma MacDonald.

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