The cost of building an architecturally designed home

No two people are the same, so why should our houses be! We find out pros, cons and price of getting your home architecturally designed 


The cost of building an architecturally designed home

An architect can design a purpose-built home to suit you, especially if you have specific requirements or a difficult site. We have seen many innovative and eco-friendly designs in recent years. Ben Jagersma, director of First Light Studio in Wellington, says, “The majority of our clients are looking for small homes or compact homes. It’s not only the typical perception of a tiny home but also larger families looking to live in a more compact space.”

Customers include first-home buyers and those wanting to downsize after children have left home. Ben gained an appreciation for micro living while working in Amsterdam. “It’s amazing what you can do. You’re not cutting any corners with how you live; it’s just a different way of approaching it.”


  • A house built to fit your needs and the site’s specifications
  • Well designed with efficient energy use
  • High quality and attention to detail
  • Can add modules as you or your family grows or changes.


  • Can be a more expensive option
  • Can entail a longer time frame from design to build.


  • The consent process will be similar to a normal new-build
  • Some subdivisions have minimum home-size requirements.


At First Light Studio houses usually range from $3500-$4500 per square metre plus design costs.


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