5 areas in your home you should organise this winter

A little organisation can go a long way to boost your comfort at home during the cooler months. Here are our top five places to tick off over winter


5 areas in your home you should organise this winter

Winter has a habit of creeping up quickly and catching us off guard. Often we do very little to prepare for its arrival and suddenly, on a particularly brisk day, we are scrambling to pull out dusty heaters and musty doonas from storage.

Spring cleaning is well known way to refresh your home every year but you should really be doing the same in autumn, too. Some areas of the home are especially beneficial to reorganise, setting you up for a cosy, comfy and (in many ways) healthier experience of winter.

We recommend tackling the following five areas:

1. Wardrobe 

Your wardrobe is the most obvious and essential area to overhaul for winter. Pull out coats, jackets and scarves and get them dry-cleaned or air out in the crisp autumn breeze. Dust off and polish boots. Wash, repair and pack your summer clothes into airtight containers. Toss in some mothballs to ensure they do not get damaged.

2. Pantry and freezer

It is always a smart idea to reorganise your pantry and freezer every six months. Most food, even flour, is not advisable to eat beyond this time period and regular purges will prevent pest infestation.

Unpack all the food, toss what has expired, store and label anything in open packets and wipe down the shelves with warm, soapy water. Also defrost your freezer to prevent the build-up of ice. Boost supplies of winter staples such as frozen peas, canned beans, canned tomatoes, bacon and stock.


3. Linen cupboard 

The linen cupboard can be a major undertaking but it pays dividends to sort it out. Blankets, doonas and pillows can host an alarming amount of dust which not healthy to breathe in while you sleep. Check the care instructions, but these items can generally be machine washed on a gentle cycle. Just be sure to wash on a sunny day so they dry out completely. It is also immensely satisfying to tidy the cupboard – learn how to fold a flat sheet and toss out any threadbare towels plus that pile of solo socks.

4. Paperwork

With the financial year ending on 30 June, a day of organising paperwork is time well spent. Toss or file any papers piled up on your desk and (if possible) signup for emails instead. Also, gain control of your inbox by deleting or filing any outstanding emails and unsubscribing from any marketing updates you never read.


5. Bathroom cupboard 

Yet another satisfying cupboard to overhaul! Unload all the products, toss anything that has expired (especially medications) and wipe down the shelves with warm, soapy water. Buy a deeply enriching moisturiser to prevent dry, scaly skin and stock up on vitamin C, plus cold and flu tablets. Also, even though you are supposed to replace it every six weeks, a new toothbrush is likely to be in order.

Words by: Alexandra Fishburn. Photography by: Maree Homer, Scott Hawkins /

This article originally appeared on Homes to Love Australia

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