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11 unexpected ways to add value to your home before you sell

Whether you’re selling the family home or renovating for resale, our expert has got you covered. Here are 11 unexpected things you can do to add value to your home

1. Carpet your garage: This is a great way to lift the feel of your home, especially if you have an older house with a separate garage downstairs.

2. Hang curtains that reach the floor: Stop those draughts and warm the hearts of potential buyers while you’re at it. Choose a neutral tone and nothing with too much of a pattern.

3. Paint old doors: You know the ones – those dark brown 1970s doors with the old handles. Paint ‘em bright white and it will lighten up your entire home.

4. Install a bathroom heater: A wall-mounted heater is only a few hundred dollars to install but feels ultra-luxurious.

5. Install a filter tap: In this health-conscious age, these touches can help buyers fall in love with your home that little bit more.

6. Install a waste disposal: Once you’ve had one of these you will never want to go back. They aren’t ridiculously expensive but in terms of adding value to buyers, they are almost on par with having a dishwasher.

7. Add wardrobe shelving: Old wardrobes are often full of wasted space. You can proactively solve this issue for your potential buyers and add value in the process.

9. Fit a new shower head: Smart buyers will test the shower during open homes. What will they think when they see your shower head?

10. Swap out the toilet seat: You would be surprised how often this is overlooked but it makes a big difference.

11. New door mats: First impressions count! What will your potential buyers be looking at while they take off their shoes outside your home?

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Words by: Andrew Duncan, Real estate blogger and licensed agent. Photography by: Bauer Syndication.

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