11 clever ideas for laundries

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Make the laundry work a little bit harder with ingenious ideas for storage, layout, sorting and storing

Top tips for a hard-working laundry

  • Wherever you have your washing machine and dryer, make sure there is good ventilation and that the dryer doesn’t steam up the whole room. Also take care with the acoustics – install noise-control walls where possible to muffle the washing machine on spin cycle.
  • A laundry is a wet area so you need to treat it that way, with surfaces and flooring that is splash and mould resistant.
  • If you have a stand-alone laundry or it’s in your garage, be smart with the space. Hang your dryer on the wall. Have a sorting space if you have the luxury so that you don’t have to fold washing inside.
  • Give yourself some cupboards or shelving to store things like cleaning products and vases away from small hands. Rail shelving (as opposed to solid wood shelving) allows air to circulate from underneath so your sheets and duvets won’t get so musty.

Laundry renovation checklist:

✔ Space planning
✔ Appliances
✔ Shelving and storage


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