The Block NZ: Week Two family bathroom room reveal

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It’s safe to say Bathroom Week on The Block NZ lived up to it’s stressful reputation. Catch up on the judges’ scores and discover how you can shop the look

The Block NZ: Week Two family bathroom room reveal

Bathroom week is always stressful on The Block NZ and this week proved to be an especially difficult one with emotions and tempers running at an all-time high.

Host Mark Richardson revealed that the teams will no longer be given a brief for the rest of the season, which led to some interesting self-assigned style choices. From ‘ mix and match’ to ‘vibrant, green, New Zealand’, the teams put a personal spin to their family bathrooms.

Despite a fiery start to the week, Amy and Stu’s cohesive use of colour, pattern and texture blew the judges away. Thanks to their thoughtful choice of tiles and incredible level of finishing, Amy and Stu managed to wrangle the first ever perfect score of 20 in The Block NZ history. “I really can’t fault it, I really can’t,” notoriously tough judge Jason proclaimed.

Ben and Tom’s personal style unfortunately featured too strongly this week with the judges feeling their end result was too masculine for a family bathroom. The judges loved the feature wall of fish scale tiles and the concrete tile flooring but felt the black tiled walls proved to be an overwhelming addition to the space – two out of three ain’t bad.


Although starting off with a Moroccan theme for their family bathroom Chlo and Em decided to switch their brief up to ‘retro glam’. Their use of bold flooring was a risky move that paid off. Coupled with their gorgeous sink and immaculate finishing the Palmy besties took home this week’s second highest score of 15.

Things went from bad to worse for Claire and Agni this week. Their explosive confrontation with Amy and Stu, an unnecessary number of recessed shelving and too much tiling left the Hamilton couple strapped for time and unable to complete their bathroom. It wasn’t just the missing door and unfinished tiling that let the team down – an excessive amount of plants, which included a full punga tree, left the judges feeling like they were on the set of Avatar (and not in a good way).

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