Shop profile: Silverdale homeware store Zavedo

This independent home interiors store on the outskirts of Auckland embraces craftsmanship and handicraft 


Shop profile: Zavedo

When Jo Azevedo started creating interiors for her husband’s building business six years ago, she became hooked on forming the ultimate space. “I designed interiors for entire new-builds and smaller renovation projects,” Jo says. “It became a huge passion of mine that only grew deeper over the years.” Now she’s helping others create their own beautiful interiors through her homeware store, which opened last year.

Zavedo, in Silverdale, north Auckland (and also online), offers decor items from both established and emerging designers, here and overseas. “With Zavedo, we want to bring back the quality and exclusivity of handmade products and present ‘handicrafts’ as sophisticated art from passionate people,” Jo says.


The shop is co-owned with business partner Damon Jones and the name is a play on Jo’s surname, which is Portuguese in origin. “The store was an opportunity that I just couldn’t miss,” she says. “It was one of those chances that come by in your life where you follow your instinct.”

Basic forms are typical of the shop’s style. “Aesthetically, an object doesn’t have to be complicated,” Jo says. “I like simple forms and shapes but paramount is the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. Careful design and detail are the most attractive features to me.” Jo looks at designs from small, independent artisans and well-known designers. “Beyond its form and function, the product has to tell a story. The brands we associate with have similar aesthetics to ours.”

We want to bring back the quality

and exclusivity of handmade products and present ‘handicrafts’ as art

Zavedo stocks everything from homeware by Broste Copenhagen and Monmouth Glass Studio to furniture by Danish brand Hay, design magazines and books and a new glassware collection from New York brand Good Thing.

The store’s interior is fresh, soft and functional and was fitted out by Jo’s husband, Jason Yeoman. “The overall feel is serene and welcoming, thanks to a simple colour palette,” Jo says. “We have also introduced untreated copper details that will age beautifully over time.”


Having once worked as head designer for a fashion label, Jo says her taste has evolved. “I’ve become more interested in creating soft, warm, minimalist spaces that are comfortable, welcoming and have a sense of serenity. To me, comfort is a spiritual as well as a physical sensation. But above all, I choose what I love, follow my instinct and don’t follow the crowd.” Zavedo will soon provide personal styling and interior design services, too.


10 Silverdale Street, Silverdale, Auckland
021 204 6131

Words by: Catherine Steel. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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